the launching pad

*** a jumping-off station to propel you non-stop
to the far-flung destinations on the web ***
(or some crap like that :)

News, Sports and Weather

CNN Interactive
ABC News
USA Today
Newsday & AP wire
Nando news server
CNET Computer news
Wired Internet news
CBS Sportsline
Fox Sports
The Sporting News
MLB Offical
College Sports Daily
Weather Channel
Weather Underground
Live Weather Images
Fox News
Reuters News
New York Times
Arkansas Democrat-Gazette
Top 100 Newspapers

Games and Music

Rogue Market and sell our cultural icons
Jeopardy,Wheel of Fortune and more
Sandbox Fantasy Sports
Mr. with the Stars
Puzzle Depot
Virtual Vegas
DOR-cino Casino
Robbies Games..100's of games
DeepSpace 9 Game Collection
Billboard Music
Rolling Stone Online
Sonicnet Music News
Wall of Sound Music
Imusic News
MusicSearch ...find tunes on the net
Rewind...80's Music trivia and more
Midi Haven
Tboobs Midi's
Karaoke Heaven

Friends and Everything Else

Ace Whiskey's
Hugs Home
Internet Movie Database
Goofball comedy
The Onion news parody
Ultimate TV everything TV
E! channel
Bell Labs text to speech
Online PDR
Brain Candy
Flight Tracker... real-time
AprilFools...make headlines!
Biorhythms and more
Rules for Cats who own People
Kim Komando Klinic
Ultimate Camera
A Man's Guide
Any Day in History
Who's Watching Who ?
HotSheet..Mega links
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